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Boring was just boring me. To tears. I wanted something more, something with spice.

For years, shopping with my tweens was just a colossal let down. Though we browsed and thrifted and clicked, clicked, clicked… few of the clothes purchased ‘did it.’ In a world where sophistication and art had developed a wonderful happy relationship, we were disappointed (to say the least) that tween fashion failed to represent that!

Where was the wearable high-end? The sporty classic? The unique easy-comfort? Where were they?? And after much exhaustive searching, we discovered; Nowhere.

So we set out to remedy this…with a fair degree of excitement (Ohmygoodness! We’re designing clothes!) and trepidation (Ohmygoodness!! We’re designing clothes?!) and faith. A lot of faith in our vision, in our creativity and in our buyer.

You. The seeker of Class. The searcher of A Cut Above.  The aspirer of Fun and Expressive.

We know what you’ve sought and we’ve toiled to bring it here. So, click, click, click and sit back, smile and know- your YOU wardrobe is about to arrive.

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